Preserving the History of Roller Derby & Giving Back to Skaters


Program from the SECOND Transcontinental Roller Derby held at the Pla-Mor Ice Palace in Kansas City, Missouri in September, 1935. Roller Derby's FIRST race started a month earlier on August 13, 1935 at the Chicago Coliseum in Illinois. Kansas City was the first race for Hall-of-Famers, Josephine 'Ma' Bogash & son, Billy.


Matchbook advertising the 2nd Transcontinental Roller Derby held at the Arena in Cleveland, Ohio from May 14 thru 28, 1938. Teams of skaters included HAZEL LOVE, JACK CUMMINGS, GERTIE SCHOLL, TOMMY ATKINSON, JOE EVANS, BILLY LYONS, PEGGY O'NEAL, FUZZY PIERZ, JOHNNY ROSASCO & KITTY NEHLS.


Vintage pennant from Roller Derby's return visit to the Chicago Coliseum, March 22 thru April 14, 1940, with NEW YORK skating against the home CHICAGO team. New York featured JACK CUMMINGS, GERTIE SCHOLL, RUSS BAKER, GERRY MURRAY, EDDIE RAGER & MARGE CLIFFORD. Chicago featured JOHNNY ROSASCO, PEGGY O'NEAL, WES ARONSON, KITTY NEHLS, EDDIE FETTER & HONEY THOMAS.


Program from the INTERNATIONAL ROLLER SPEEDWAY's 1939 visit to Harringay Arena in London, England between EUROPE & AMERICA. 'Roller Speedway' was an outlaw league and featured PAUL MILANE (father of future superstar Mike Gammon), BECKY THOMAS, JOHNNY CAZAR, EDDIE FETTERS, VERA MINENKO, JERRY WHITE, HAZEL MORRIS, 'BOBBY' FARRELL, HAROLD WILKINSON & IDA SACHS.


Program from Roller Derby's visit to BARCELONA, SPAIN in 1953. As Derby's fortunes floundered in the United States in the early 50s due to overexposure on TV, the sport escaped to Europe, skating in England, France and Spain. EUROPE vs. AMERICA. 'Europe' featured Coach SID HARNESK & Captain MARY LOU PALERMO with HOWIE RAINES, AL STEWART, TERRI LYNCH, MARY CIOFANI & JOAN SPANGEHL while 'America' had Coach KEN MONTE, Captain MIDGE 'TOUGHIE' BRASUHN, ROGER SCHROEDER, BILL LAURINO, JACK WILSON, JULIE PATRICK, NORMA ROSSNER, LEE FRODELLI & HELEN LISKA.


GERRY MURRAY HAIR BOWS. Such was Roller Derby's popularity in the late 40s/early 50s that Burlington Mills produced hair bows 'worn by the Queens of the Roller Derby.' Packages of hair bows celebrated the stature of stars like GERRY MURRAY, MIDGE 'TOUGHIE' BRASUHN & MARY GARDNER and sold for a mere twenty-nine cents.